Right this moment I’m exhibiting you the way to make smelly jelly [gelatin] air fresheners. They slowly evaporate, releasing & dispersing scent into the air. Make them with water beads or gelatin (exhibiting each).
GELATIN RECIPE: Convey 100 milliliters distilled water to a boil (use any heating methodology). Stir in 1 packet [1 tablespoon] gelatin (or ½ tablespoon agar) & stir till dissolved. Stir in 60 milliliters alcohol (or Vodka) & 100 milliliters [room temperature] water. Cool combination under 120 levels and add 3 milliliters preservative (I used Germall plus). * Potassium sorbate is very beneficial; it is particularly designed to protect meals. Combine effectively, then pour combination into 4, 4-ounce jars. Add perfume oil & coloration to each- you select how a lot (I added 1 teaspoon [5 milliliters] perfume oil to every). NOTE: This can be a gentle air freshener so use a powerful scent.
WATER BEADS: 50 milliliters distilled water, 15 milliliters alcohol, 1 milliliter preservative (Germall plus). Add 5 milliliters perfume oil + 1 milliliter polysorbate 80 to a cup. Combine them collectively. Stir in water combination. Pour liquid over 2 tablespoons of water beads.
DISCOVERY: I performed 30+ experiments & came upon a LOT: * Isopropyl alcohol & Vodka produces the identical bodily outcomes. * I experimented with polysorbate 80 (1 milliliter/ 5 milliliters perfume oil) & it solved the separation concern (& turned jellies opaque), nevertheless, I couldn’t unequivocally decide if the polysorbate 80 interfered with the jellies skill to disperse scent. (I don’t assume so, however extra testing is required) * Set jellies on the counter or in fridge (each produce identical outcomes). * You might add salt (+ 1/2 tablespoon desk salt after gelatin & dissolve). I added salt earlier than and so they got here out nice. NOTE: Salt may also act as a preservative, however salt weakens gelatin’s stability, gelling skill, & lowers gelatin’s melting level. So, it could result in your jellies melting. * I wouldn’t assume a preservative to be essential with distilled water, alcohol, & if particularly if including salt. However I added it to be protected! * I solely performed a number of experiments with water beads. I really feel like they’ll most likely maintain extra perfume oil (particularly since utilizing polysorbate 80). * I imagine the utmost quantity of perfume the jellies can maintain is 5 milliliters [1 teaspoon] per 4 ounce jar…. However that is as much as you!
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0:00 – Introduction
0:32 – Experiments
1:00 – Gelatin Recipe
4:15 – Water Beads
5:57 – Adorning
6:56 – Packaging
7:13 – Outcomes

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