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Showcase your vacation ornaments to their finest benefit with these association ideas.

Step 1: Collect hanging supplies
Be sure to have sufficient decoration hooks. When you’ve got pets, use ribbon or string as a substitute. You by no means know once they’re going to get their paws on—or sink their tooth into—an decoration.

Dangle ornaments with inexperienced florist’s wire, which blends in higher than decoration hooks.

Step 2: Dangle lights and tinsel first
String the lights and tinsel or garland earlier than hanging any ornaments.

Step 3: Begin with matching units
Begin by hanging units of matching ornaments so you possibly can disperse them evenly.

Step 4: Create depth
Dangle some ornaments near the tree trunk. They shouldn’t all be teetering on the ideas of the branches.

Step 5: Stability issues out
Put the heaviest ornaments on the sturdier, inside branches. However don’t overlook to place some smaller, lighter ones there, too, for stability.

When you’ve got an decoration that may profit from backlighting, dangle it close to a tree mild.

Step 6: Shield your valuables
Shield ornaments with sentimental or financial worth by putting them greater up and deeper contained in the tree, the place they’re much less more likely to get knocked down.

Step 7: Place the tree topper
After you’ve hung the final decoration, gently add the tree topper.

Step 8: Take a final look
Step again just a few toes and research the tree from totally different angles to see that the whole lot appears balanced. Make changes if wanted.

Did You Know?
A German glassmaker created a $26,000 Christmas decoration embellished with 12-karat gold and that includes 120 diamonds.


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