Anthurium is also called anthurium or spherical flower or purple sail flower. It belongs to the Ray household, is a perennial, bushy plant. Quick stem of anthurium. The leaves are darkish inexperienced when previous and lightweight inexperienced when younger, tapering to the tail, 9-15 cm vast, 18-30 cm lengthy, cylindrical petioles.

Anthurium has many colours and each shade may be very distinguished comparable to purple, pink, orange, white. The flowers of this plant are hermaphroditic flowers on the similar base and have an rectangular form of 3-5 cm in yellow shade hooked up to the flowers. The flower is within the type of a blade, like a heart-shaped leaf however with vibrant colours.

Anthuriums are often obtainable all yr spherical, particularly in spring and summer time. A particular characteristic of anthurium is the variable shade. Younger flowers shall be darker in shade and mature flowers shall be lighter in shade. Even previous flowers typically fade, turning to the greenish-white shade of the leaves.

There are 3 kinds of anthurium: minor anthurium, center anthurium and nice anthurium. Relying on the format house and the preferences of the grower, which sort of anthurium to decide on.

The right way to maintain anthurium
Taking good care of indoor vegetation typically will not be too troublesome.

– About gentle: Anthurium loves gentle, however it’s also one of many workplace vegetation, so it may well nonetheless stay nicely in low gentle and synthetic gentle comparable to fluorescent lights.

– About water: appropriate humidity for vegetation is about 70 – 80%. If the climate is scorching and dry, water twice per week, and if the climate is chilly and moist, water as soon as per week. It’s best to take note of observe the plant to see indicators of lack or extra of water. If dry, the leaves shall be pale, yellow, and wilted. If there may be an excessive amount of water, the roots will rot and the plant will die.

– About temperature: the plant is appropriate for a temperature of 15-30 levels Celsius. If the temperature is decrease than 15 levels, the plant will develop slowly, and whether it is increased than 30 levels Celsius, the leaves will flip yellow. You want to take note of keep away from warmth and chilly for the tree by protecting, placing the tree in a heat or cool room.

– Concerning the soil: ought to select the kind of soil, free, ethereal to keep away from water retention. It’s best to combine extra manure or phosphate fertilizer for extra vitamins.

– Plant propagation: the commonest technique is to extract seedlings from the mom plant. After about 4-5 months, the leaves will seem. Separate the seedling near the foundation with a pointy knife, use water hyacinth root to bundle the reduce, incubate for some time for certain roots earlier than planting in a pot.

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