Origami Fan Lantern – DIY Chinese New Year Decoration, wedding decoration idea – 新年婚礼装饰, 折纸, 手工剪纸.

Origami Fan Lantern – wedding decoration ideas /DIY Valentine’s Day / Chinese New Year/ CNY / Lunar New Year / Spring Festival Decoration – 新年装饰 diy, 手工叠纸, 手工剪纸.

How to Make an Origami Firework – https://youtu.be/KPPDhr8DWto

These fan lanterns are really easy and fun to make, and give you a great way to brighten up any space during the Spring Festival. They require just 2 pieces of paper, glue, scissors and a small length of string.

With the Year of the Pig coming up on February 5th 2019, I made this video to demonstrate how to make a simple origami fan lantern. These can be used for decorations for the home, office or dinner table. They can be mounted onto a greetings card to give an impressive home-made gift to your friends. They are great fun to make, and origami is a fun activity for anyone young and old.

So, happy new year everybody. I hope you have fun making these ornaments.

I wish you a successful and prosperous year of the pig, and I hope you get lots of red-envelopes for your piggy banks 😉

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